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How to Survive One Wave After Another

As we enter a new year almost everyone has high hopes for a better year over the last two. After struggling through 2020 with Covid-19 and all the lockdowns, we are ready to get back to some sort of normalcy in 2021. Then came higher gas prices, supply chain issues, the Delta variant, and rising inflation. As the year ended another variant, Omicron, arrived on the scene wreaking even more widespread havoc.

It’s as if we are being pummeled by wave after wave, one right after another. It reminds me of the time my family was at the beach in North Carolina’s Outer Banks. One day after swimming in the ocean, my grandfather was walking from the water when a wave came up from behind him and knocked him down, burying him underneath the water.

My grandfather resurfaced and regained his balance, but after one or two steps another wave knocked him down and once again buried him beneath the water. Eventually he made his way to shore, but he was done for the day.

Isn’t that life? Lately it seems like we can’t get a break. Have you ever felt like, “I’m done. I can’t handle another negative wave?” If so, you are not alone.

With that said, there is no single answer for those looking for hope and a brighter future. Over the course of 2022 we’ll look at restoring hope through the Scriptures. In fact, we’ll start with the illustrious King David. You may be thinking that a super hero with giant-killer status is the wrong place to begin.

However, at one difficult point in his life Joab reminded David of “the evil that has come upon you from your youth until now” (2 Samuel 19:7, ESV). Even David’s life was one of waves, one after another. Yet he was able to write, “For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence, for my hope is in him” (Psalm 62:5, ESV).

Let’s make this one of our goals: to remain calm and confident as we rely on the Lord.

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