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Thoughts From Sunday

To be honest all Sundays are not home runs.  As Chuck Swindoll once said, “You probably will only have two or three Sundays a year that really stand out.”

Well, today was one of those home run Sundays.  Here is a quick recap of three highlights.

1. Last week I challenged everyone to climb the Generosity Ladder for our Building Campaign and Double Tithe for 90 Days.  One family talked it over and began right away.  The next day the husband got a raise!!!  WOW!  It was fun to share that with our church family.

2. Dan and Tracy Whitehead, our missionaries in Equador who minister throughout Latin America, gave an incredible presentation of their ministry.  It was perhaps the most moving of any missionary presentation I have ever witnessed.

3. Chelsea led our worship and on a scale of 1-10 she hit at least a 12!  She nailed it today and the feedback was over the top.

This is why I hate to see people miss.  Because watching online is totally different.  And there is no way you can plan days like today.  When you left today you knew God had shown up.

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