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Time to Refuel Your Marriage

iStockemptygasgaugeValentine’s Day is about a week away. Reservations are being made, flowers will be bought, and candlelight dinners will be popular.

But will there be passion, sparks, and sizzle? Or will you get in the car and head out with an empty gas tank. And I am not talking about the gas you buy.  I am talking about the gas you provide.  You just took that the wrong way.  Alright, go ahead and laugh, but if you will hang with me I want to help you.  Will your spouse’s tank be full or running on fumes?

During the winter months the gas in my lawnmowers can get a little old and not run so well. That means I need to put fresh fuel in on a regular basis.

Perhaps the fuel in your marriage has gotten a little stale. Or worse, you haven’t put any fuel in at all recently.

No worries. Here are six things you can do to get up and running at a higher level. Just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Acceptance – when you first started dating, being around someone who accepted you for who you were was huge. Let your spouse know that they are still the ONE.

Attention – do you remember when you dated how much attention you gave one another? It made you feel special.  Take some time and give your spouse some extra attention.

Affection – this came easy when you dated and were first married.  You couldn’t keep your hands off him or her.  Now you rarely touch.  Ouch! That hurts whether you realize it or not.  Get back to some hugs, kisses, and #^&@*!

Affirmation – this is a daily habit you simply cannot afford to miss. If you have to write it down.  Write yourself a note. When was the last time you affirmed your spouse?  Time to refuel.

Assistance – no one wants to feel like they are doing everything alone. Look around.  The list is endless.  Helping with your kids homework, taking out the trash, picking up the trash off the floor, vacuuming, washing the car, or loading the dishwasher.

Activities – all work and no play doesn’t cut it in life or in marriage. Do some things together.  Find something you both like to do.  Carol and I are planning to go get some chicken eggs in a couple of days.  Not to eat, but to hatch.  But the key here is that we are going to go together.

Six things.  You have one week to Valentine’s Day.  Don’t show up with an empty tank. Put some fresh gas in the tank and your marital engine will be roaring!

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I am Mike Henderson, pastor of New Hope Church, husband of my best friend, and proud father of five. I like to hike with my wife, golf with my kids, play basketball, read books, and start new projects. My purpose for this blog is to help people and to give people hope.

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