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Deliberate Acts for Relationship Enhancement

Male And Female Look At Electronic Tablet In ParkWouldn’t  you agree that we have unnecessarily complicated relationships. Sure we overlook some simple things.

But what if we could do some simple things?

That alone would send many marriages to a whole new level.

There really isn’t anything new under the sun. In business it may be more face to face meetings, phone calls, or emails.

In my marriage here is a list of some of my deliberate acts. After you read them write out your own. I am assuming that you have some. If not you need to start ASAP or you will not have a relationship!


1. Take out the trash.

2. Empty the dishwasher.

3. Clean all the toilets.

4. Run menial errands that Carol doesn’t want to do.

5. Go to Sams (because she doesn’t want to).

6. Go to Walmart (same reason as above).

7. Sit and talk.

8. Pick up some of my clutter.

9. Read together in bed.

10. Help with the chickens when it is 10 degrees outside.

11. Do projects around the house together.

12. Do things that are inconvenient for her.

13. Drive her places, like Kohl’s, just to be with her and keep her from doing it alone.

14. Tell her when I’ll be home.

There is nothing major in the above list. Yet they definitely enhance our marriage. As I said, it is not complicated. And still people struggle in their relationships.

It’s time to write out your own list. If you find yourself struggling after you get to number 3, you may have a lot of homework in your future. Your list may be vastly different, because you are not like me and your spouse is not like Carol.

Deliberate acts. Your relationships cannot survive without them!